Camping La Pineta

To visit

Saint-Oyen and surrounding areas

In the village of Saint - Oyen there is the ancient Hospice and the castle called "Chateau Verdun". The castle is a tenth-century building with valueable architectural details and furnishings; it was used in the past as a rest stop for pilgrims travelling along the Via Francigena, it is now used as a hostel for people and groups in search of a peaceful and spiritual stay.

Just 3 km from the campsite you will find the medieval village of Etroubles with its open-air museum, where it is possible to admire the artworks shown along the town's streets which create picturesque spots.

Etroubles can also be reached by walking along the pine forest that connects the two villages.

In the municipality of Saint-Rhémy-en-Bosses, just 5 minutes away by car, you can visit the castle of Bosses, now used as art exhibition gallery, and the ham factory where they make " Jambon de Bosses DOP " the row ham, one of our regional culinary excellence.